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I first became truly aware of Electro acoustic Composition in the fall of 2012 and I immediately fell in love with the endless supply of sounds and textures available to the modern composer.  I plan on adding substantially to the following works as soon as possible!

I Find You Slightly Amusing for String Orchestra and Effects (2016) SZM093

Mental Breakdown for Percussion Ensemble (2016) SZM092

What. Just. Happened for Concert Band(2013) SZM084

Poem at the End of the World for Chamber Orchestra (2012) SZM079

Signal Interference for Solo Trumpet (2012) SZM078

The Catacombs for Solo Tuba (2013) SZM085

Now You're Just Somebody That I Used to Techno for Horn Quartet (2014) SZM087

Clean Up on Aisle Chaos for Solo Bassoon (2014) SZM089

Ghost Town for Concert Band (2006/2015) SZM043